Our Services

Wellness Exam and Consultations

Not all well-pet visits include vaccines, and they shouldn’t! We all know that cats and dogs age faster than people; thus, even if your pet is on a triennial vaccination schedule, he or she should still have a complete physical exam on a yearly basis. This physical exam should include a look at skin health, oral health, and physical mobility, as well as include a detailed discussion of any and all changes at home. Our pets enjoy routine and, when something small changes, it’s good to take note and compare it as time goes by since this might be the first sign of a problem. We also know that pet owners are not all doctors, and we don’t expect you to know everything you need to watch for with your pet – that’s what our job is! Our team is trained to spot the things that you can’t notice, then discuss them with you so you can make an informed decision on what needs to be done (if anything at all). We love a clean and uneventful annual exam just as much as the next person, and are happy to make pleasant notes in your pet’s file for another year.

Oral Health Assessment and Treatment

We offer a range of dentistry services including oral examinations, routine and extensive cleanings, digital radiology, extractions, and endodontics. We encourage owners to continue with regular oral care at home, and are here to provide that next step just as you would see your own dentist on a regular basis. Complete oral care is accomplished when we work together, and we strive to make this a more achievable goal for the average pet owner!
*See Surgery and Anesthesia


Acupuncture has been used in human medicine for thousands of years. While “Western Medicine” use to view “Traditional Chinese Medicine” as less scientifically-based, the past couple decades have seen a significant shift in this trend. Acupuncture has become a much more commonly-recommended procedure for a variety of issues such as pain, muscle spasms, and stress. As veterinary medicine evolves, and studies become more widely available, we realize that a lot of these modalities for stress and pain control can be integrated into the care we provide for our pets and patients. We offer a complete assessment and treatment plans for a more tailored approach to your pet’s concerns, as well as shorter sessions for general hip mobility on occasion.

Behaviour Counselling

There are many reasons why a pet may exhibit unwanted behaviours, and owners can find themselves fighting a seemingly uphill battle. Our team will work with you and your pet to rule-out underlying medical conditions, determine the root cause of the behavioural concern, and build a step-by-step program tailored to you and your pet. This may include pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, day-to-day enrichment items, and behaviourally-minded training/homework. With follow-ups to monitor progress and make alterations as needed, we will continue to work alongside you to ensure you can reach your goals of happy and behaviourally-balanced companionship.

In-Patient/Hospitalization Care

Sometimes pets get injured or really sick. While not an emergency hospital, we are an all-service animal hospital, meaning we will 100% see you unwell pet, and are equipped to stabilize and treat most common illnesses and injuries. Your pet will stay with us for the day to undergo appropriate diagnostics and receive necessary treatments while being supported, monitored, and loved all day by our compassionate team.

Core and Lifestyle Vaccinations

Our team keeps up-to-date on current vaccination protocols, being sure to protect against known diseases while not over-vaccinating pets. Tell us about your pet’s lifestyle, and we will help formulate a vaccination plan tailored to your pet specifically!

Surgery and Anesthesia

We understand – surgery can be scary! There just seems to be so many unknowns for pet owners. Yes, there are always risks with every decision we make but knowing more can help us reduce unknowns and increase safety for every pet we see. Our team utilizes the most up-to-date drug protocols, anesthetic monitoring equipment, and supportive therapies for your pet (such as intravenous fluids, safe warming devices, and preanesthetic blood screening). Your pet will have a dedicated team member by his or her side, monitoring closely, from sedation through to recovery. Your pet will receive foam supports, pillows, blankets, and socks as needed to ensure he or she is comfortable both in temperature and position.

Laboratory Services

Everything from feces and urine, to skin and secretions, can be evaluated with microscopic cytology. This enables us to identify parasitic, bacterial, fungal, and viral infections in and on your pet so that we can find an appropriate treatment instead of guessing at the problem. Having this at our disposal within our hospital means that we can have these answers for you and your pet much faster, and with less expense.
The blood tests for parasitic and viral infections, blood analysis and chemistry to assess overall health and organ function, and toxicity screens are sent to our external reference laboratory. In most cases we get results within 1-3 days.


Pets tags and collars are not a reliable form of identification as they can easily fall off.  Microchipping is a quick and easy procedure that involved inserting a small chip (about the size of a grain of rice) under your pets skin.  If they become lost, clinics and shelters can easily scan for a microchip and instantly contact owners.  A microchip can help ensure a happy reunion between you and your beloved companion.

Out-Patient Care

An unwell pet doesn’t have to be in a dire situation before being seen, and may not need to stay with us for continuous monitoring. In these cases, an exam and consultation with one of our DVMs will allow us the opportunity to discuss various treatment options with you, and guide you in how best to continue your pet’s care at home.

Specialty Diets and Pet Care Products

Often over-looked and taken for granted, veterinary specialty diets and supplemental products are more than just foods and shampoos. These are products that are required or recommended as part of treatment for medical conditions – that’s why you won’t see them on the shelves at pet stores.
We understand just how important dietary choices are for our health, and have chosen to carry only those that will benefit our patients and aim to reduce the amount of medication needed for any given health condition, including those with significant allergy issues!
Our team has also chosen topical and oral nutraceuticals and supplements to aid with multiple organ systems within the body. These products are also chosen specifically with the aim of reducing the need for as many (or as high quantities) of medications for your pet!

Reproductive Sterilization

Regardless of whether you choose to sterilize your pet to prevent behavioural concerns, medical concerns, or unwanted litters, most people do choose to have their pets spayed or neutered at some point in their lives. We know that earlier sterilization does a great deal to prevent certain health concerns, and that waiting a little longer helps to prevent others – so when is the best time to have YOUR pet sterilized? Our team is happy to help you find that answer. With more information from you about your pet and his or her family history, we can discuss what might be the best option. There is no “one size fits all” when it comes to medical science, which is why examinations and speaking with your veterinary team is always the best starting point.
*See Surgery and Anesthesia

Digital Radiology

The days of delicate x-ray films clipped to a light box are behind us and the fantastic world of instant crisp digital images is upon us! Skeletal abnormalities, fractures, foreign bodies, neoplasias, and organ outlines are far more diagnostic nowadays, too, which means we can provide faster and clearer answers for our pet parents.
Our team also fully-utilizes our digital dental radiology equipment so that we can assess the main source of dental disease – under the gumline! This is especially important as our pets are typically too stoic to show signs of oral pain until it is severe and often requires extraction. Being able to spot and treat problem areas before significant pain and disease is always our goal.

Allergy Consultation and Support

Itching, flaking, licking, sore spots, and upset digestive systems – the list goes on. These symptoms can be frustrating for owners and distressing for pets. Let our team help take the guess work out of the equation and get you and your pet started on the path to a much more relaxing existence. We believe in approaching allergies at their core, and helping to heal the body, rather than just masking symptoms. We want pets to feel comfortable quickly but we also want to spare them (and you!) from this frustration in the years to come.

Palliative and End-Of-Life Care

Through thick and thin, pet owners are there for their companions, and we are here for you. We are pet owners, too, and understand the heartache of saying goodbye. Whether your pet’s time has come because he or she has enjoyed a long and eventful life, or his or her quality of life has significantly declined for a different reason, we can help you in providing the best care for your pet’s final days. Our team is compassionate, understanding, and patient, and we have a separate less-clinical room for your pet to feel more relaxed and “at-home” in those final moments. We use a quality after-care service with compassionate treatment of your pet, and which offers personalized memorial products and additional services. Please look through gatewaypetmemorial.com to read more about their cremation services and memorial products.

Healthy Weight Consultations and Support

Sadly, humans aren’t the only species suffering an obesity epidemic. And, yes, it is an epidemic. While chubby pets may look extra fluffy and cute, even carrying just a little extra weight has been shown to statistically decrease life expectancy and quality. It significantly increases their likelihood of developing diabetes, osteoarthritis, high blood pressure, heart disease, kidney disease, and so much more. We understand that extra weight is easier to avoid than lose, and we understand that losing weight is a huge struggle! Let us help you find some easier (and more fun!) ways to help bring more spunk to your pet’s step. We will discuss dietary choices, eating habits, enriching meal time, why pets over-eat, what underlying health concerns can contribute to unhealthy weight-gain, and more.